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We at the Dhabba, are proud to present to you, real North Indian cuisine in its finest form.

The Dhabba we are pioneers of real North Indian cuisine in Scotland. Since we opened in 2002, we have endeavoured to bring the true essence of North Indian cuisine to Glasgow. This isn’t your standard curry, this is cuisine that has been refined over hundreds of years, but given a modern touch.

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In North India, roadside diners are commonly known as Dhabbas.

For generations, these family-run establishments have been captivating hungry travellers with their own menu of closely guarded recipes, passed on from father to son.

Indian Traditional Dhabba
The Dhabba - Tandoori Oven

A time-honoured tradition.

Over time, the remarkable taste of these Dhabbas soon began to spread from the highways into the cities. Many internationally acclaimed hotels started adopting the concept of the Dhabba into their own restaurants, with some laying claim to being the best Indian restaurants in the world.

An experience to be savoured & shared.

It’s an experience that has brought people back time and time again to discover dishes never before encountered in Scotland. Only the freshest ingredients sourced from Scotland and spices from India are used to prepare the vast array of dishes.

Our remarkable menu showcases traditional dishes from all over the Northern frontier of India.

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