Proud to present absolutely authentic Indian cuisine as it really is.

Indian gastronomy, while quite diverse, has an excellent
selection of traditionally vegan delicacies that form the backbone of its culinary culture.

All the food on this menu are prepared without using nuts, peanuts, sesame, mustard, celery, lupin and sulphites. Our standard operating procedure ensures that all the ingredients we use in our kitchen are free from these allergens. However, please note that some of the products we procure may have been packaged in facilities that also handle some of these allergens.


“The beginning of a fabulous meal should set the tone for the rest of it, just as the end of it should be the flourish of an ample repose; a belief that the world is nearly perfect”. So wrote the author, philosopher and gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1812, and it surely applies today. Certainly The Dhabba would agree. So to start:

Gol Gappa

Enhanced with spicy tangy water — this is crispy puffed bread filled with spiced potato, and chickpeas laced with ground cumin. 5.95

Bhel Puri

A dish of puffed rice, sev, potato, mango, with a drizzle of tamarind chutney. Touches every point of the palette. 6.50

Subzi Tikdee

A splendid treat of battered mushrooms, potato croquettes and a papad wrap. A true vegan splendour. 6.50

Tandoori Oven

A starter to share or a main course by itself.

Subzi Seekh

Ideal for vegans. Cauliflower, potatoes, mushrooms, peppers and onions. Ideal for anybody. 13.95

Sauce On The Side

Recommended when a tandoori dish is ordered as a main.


This blend of onions, tomatoes and chillies is quite hot but refreshing at the same time. 4.95


An aromatic medium sauce with herbs, khus khus and melon seeds. Fresh and flavoursome. 4.95

Dhabba Achaar

Our own homemade pickle of mango, lime, carrots, garlic and chillies. 3.50


Subzi Tak-a-Tak

A medley of sautéed Indian vegetables — Indian squash, bitter gourd, cauliflower, aubergines and okra. 14.50

Methi Khumb Mutter

A herbaceous dish of mushrooms, peas and fresh fenugreek.  12.95

Aloo Gobi

A traditional tumble of potatoes, cauliflower and garden peas — a dish common around the world but with a spicy Indian take. 12.95

Aloo Bengun Shimla

A classic medley of potato aubergine and peppers. 12.95

Daal Makhani

A very smooth and rich concoction of black lentils, kidney beans and split chickpeas. A taste of an India full of hill stations and summer retreats. 12.95


A traditional Punjabi spiced chickpea delicacy. 12.95

Subzi Biryani

Rice and seasonal vegetables slow-cooked in a sealed pot, this is a meal of great flavour. Served with the aromatic Salan sauce on the side. 16.50

Homemade Paneer

The ancient art of paneer making is still followed at The Dhabba. But this plant-based version of paneer is something else. Not to be confused with tofu, it is made from soy milk and is completely vegan.

Paneer Shimla

Paneer with peppers and onions. Think of cool hill stations during the British Raj, bit of a cuisine long since developed since then. 15.50

Palak Paneer

A robust preparation of paneer and spinach leaves. Popeye’s eyes would pop at this! 15.50

Paneer Makhani Masala

Our very own cottage cheese in a tomato-based rich sauce. Puts Welsh Rarebit back into a 1920’s Lyon’s Corner House. Whatever that means. 15.50


Jeera Chawal

Cumin flavoured basmati rice. 3.95

Ubla Chawal

Steamed basmati rice. 3.50


Tandoori Roti

The classic whole-wheat bread baked in the tandoor. 2.95

Missi Roti

Made from gram flour. Gluten-free. 3.25

Lacchedar Paratha

Whole-wheat, buttery, flaky, multi-layered. 4.50

Aloo Paratha

A whole-wheat stuffed bread with spiced potato. A very superior large ‘tattie scone’. 4.95


The quintessential Indian refined flour bread. Deeply satisfying. 3.95

Lehsuni Naan

Naan topped with fresh garlic and herbs. For those who love garlic, this hits the spot. 4.50

Peshawari Naan

An unusual naan, this is stuffed with a sweet filling of semolina, coconut, dates, cardamom and fennel. 5.50


Bhendi Do Pyaza

Okra and red onions with cumin, ginger and a hint of green chillies. Hottish, yet subtle. 7.50

Pilee Daal Tadka

Yellow lentils simmered with tomatoes, ginger, garlic and coriander. This classic North Indian staple brings with it a breath of the mountains of the North West. 7.50

Pahadi Aloo

Potatoes tossed together with shreds of spinach and fenugreek. 7.50



This beautifully seasoned salad has a splendid jumble of tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and red onions. 4.95

Seedha Sadha

Slices of fresh tomatoes, red onions, cucumber and carrots on a bed of crisp green lettuce. 45

Laal Pyazz

Sliced red onions, red chilli powder, green chillies and a wedge of lemon. 2.95


Dhabba Achaar

Our own homemade pickle of mango, lime, carrots, garlic and chillies. 3.50